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Priceless & Ka'Ri: SideQuests / Snapshots: Sketches #2 Available Now!…
SideQuests #1 and Snapshots Sketches #2 Available by PawFeather 

Priceless & Ka'Ri: SideQuests #1 ($6)

spin-off series from the "Priceless" title.  Here are the little adventures Priceless and Ka'Ri experience that you don't see in the main series.  This title also features the action "storyboard" format.  There are no dialog bubbles.  Instead, all of the emotion and language is conveyed through a step by step sequence, where the movement flows across the page...and the ticklish delight jumps off the screen.

Art by PawFeather
 Color Pages
60+ Panels
1 Color Cover
1 Bonus Color Illustration
PDF Delivery (Get a free pdf reader here )…

Snapshots: Sketches #2 ($6)

A collection of b/w sketches of the red tinted thief, 
"Priceless," having way too much fun with elf friend "Ka-Ri."  This collection has everything.  Both upper body and foot tickling.  Foot worship.  Bondage.  Also a bonus color illustration.

Art by PawFeather
 B/W Pages
40+ Sketches
1 Color Cover
1 Bonus Color Illustration
PDF Delivery (Get a free pdf reader here )…

Save $2 by purchasing them both in a combo pdf. ($10)…


I've finished up the last of my commissions and they are now closed so I can get the next issue of "Priceless" done. Thanks everyone who commissioned! 

All payment transactions are handled through PayPal.

Comic Pages*
The most expensive. Self explanatory. Multiple panels and such. These are $250+ per page.
How high they go depends on the content. Note for quote.
Ino Tickles Sakura's Feet by PawFeather  Tickling Attack Commission by PawFeather  Pawfeather Tickled Commission by PawFeather  PawFeather torture commission by PawFeather

Commissions that involve a character or multiple characters, background, digitally inked & colored, etc.
The average pricing is typically around $150, but can be cheaper, or more expensive depending on the details of the piece. Note me for an accurate quote.
Nora Demi Zoland Tickling Commission by PawFeather  Dragon's Crown Sorceress Tickled by PawFeather  The Ladies of SoulsBorne by PawFeather

A character or two. Digitally inked and colored. No background for this one, though.
Generally looking at $100 average. Again, note with details will yield a more accurate quote.
Cheetara by PawFeather  Luffy Tickles Nami by PawFeather  Starfire Feet Licked by PawFeather

A loosely drawn pic. No color here. Looking around $50... but again... note for quote.
Latest Commission Ottoline by PawFeather   Lupe Wolf Tickled by PawFeather  Tentacle Monster Tickling by PawFeather 

You'll get a sketch, for all of these for approval, before I draw up the final piece.
The Sketch commissions will be a very lose sketch, then after approval, a more refined final.
Finally, note me what file format you would like your piece sent as.

I'll draw almost anything, including non-fetish....within reason. 
If it's mature rated... note me and I'll let you know if I'm willing to draw it or not.

So that's it. I'll make a list here of who is in line, and the order.

Commissions closed
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